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Helping Everyone Shine with Confidence

Our Mission

Each person who walks through our doors should leave feeling more confident than when they entered the room - believing in themselves and letting their light shine bright. Every person is unique and special in their own way and deserves to discover their individuality in a safe and encouraging environment. Our classes are for children and adults. We believe it is important to come back to the child within us all through improv and imaginary play. In our classes you will learn how to be a team and support each other. You will discover new skill sets and learn to take risks and think quickly. You will learn to respect one another’s craft. You will leave each experience feeling seen, heard, and welcomed. We enable you to release your inner potential through proven techniques based on the theater-based methodology of Nicole D’Onofrio. Although our classes are now virtual, Nicole has a way of engaging each person in her private online classes, tailoring each session to the specific needs, and bringing connection to groups of people in her workshops. We look forward to welcoming you into the Brave Bright Theater Kids Family.

Encouraging children to be themselves and let their light shine bright! The classes help build a child’s character, self-esteem, self-respect, and communication skills, all while having fun with peers and celebrating the art of improvisation and creativity - two skills critical not only to actors, but to all people aiming to happily and successfully navigate through life.

Learn to communicate better, conquer your fears, and be able to talk in any social situation with the power of yes in our improv workshops for adults.

Discover individuality and confidence through interactive drama and movement-based group activities including improv, singing, dancing, yoga, teamwork, and more! The valuable life skills he or she will gain through these theater classes will shine through for the rest of their lives!

Our workshops encourage adults to take risks, stay positive, listen to their inner voice, take off their critical hats, trust, establish connection and open their minds. The valuable life skills one will gain through these improv classes will help one be a better coworker, friend, spouse, entrepreneur, etc. Let go of the negative voices saying you can't do it it, crush those fears with the power of Yes.

Small classes, believing that personal attention is critically important to seeing how each child learns, understanding their comfort zone, and knowing where and how strongly to encourage individual risk-taking.

Every activity we do in class can be applied at home and we help families learn how to connect with their children on a deeper level by providing feedback and insights for parents to bring home.

Latest stories

Sit with your children with puppets or a stuffed animal and create a story. Depending on the age of the children, they may need your help to develop the story that they are thinking in their mind. It is important not to dictate their story, but only guide them in it. Set up a room or space where they are free to create with their imagination. Give them uninterrupted time. Read them stories and…

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