7 Ways to Connect With Your Child Through Imaginary Play

Follow these steps to encourage connection.

  1. Sit with your children with puppets or a stuffed animal and create a story. Depending on the age of the children, they may need your help to develop the story that they are thinking in their mind. It is important not to dictate their story, but only guide them in it.
  2. Set up a room or space where they are free to create with their imagination. Give them uninterrupted time.
  3. Read them stories and ask them intriguing questions that encourage them to use their imagination.
  4. Be silly. When children see that you can be silly, they feel more free to be themselves and be vulnerable.
  5. Let them use blankets or tables to create a fort.
  6. Put on different types of music at home and talk about feelings the music evokes or watch what they do as each song plays.
  7. Let them wear costumes or different clothes. Even a scarf can give them a feeling of playing a new role.