Benefits of Playing with Puppets

There are so many different types of puppets you can buy, but anything can become a puppet. You can use a paper bag, sock, or even create a voice for a pistachio shell.

In our classes, we have many puppet friends (Rigatoni, Piggy, Royal Lion, Jester Monkey, Unicorn, etc.). There are many benefits to playing with puppets with your child. When children create characters or use their dolls/stuffed animals, they can express feelings they have or take on new roles they have never experienced. Through this play time, children can work out difficult things that they may be feeling inside or going through, as well. We have witnessed children, who are misbehaving at home, learn through puppets that certain behaviors can hurt feelings and instantly change their own behavior. Sometimes children need to hear something through a character/puppet/doll instead of from a person of authority. The list of things children can learn from dramatic play are endless-social skills, problem solving, listening skills, creativity, empathy, and language development are just some of the skills. The best part of dramatic play is that it can be fun for parents too.