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We work hard to get to know each child and what their strengths and weaknesses are, in order to give them a class tailored to them. We do this through theater games, songs, puppets and confidence building activities.

Create your own group class for your child and their friends. Our group classes are a great way to connect and learn skills for life.

Our custom workshops help connect people together. They are perfect for work parties, professional development days, networking events, celebrations, etc. Guaranteed to make you laugh.

Fabulous, would just be one word to describe Ms.Nicole and Brave Bright Theater! Ms.Nicole provided an AMAZING virtual Zoom class for my 4 year old. She has a magical power to easily engage kids quickly in her class and have tons of fun. My son loved her class. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND checking out her virtual classes. She uses a great mix of music, puppets and positive energy to make the class one of a kind! โ˜ฎ๏ธ๐Ÿฅฐ๐ŸŒˆ This future Aladdin loved his first theater class and canโ€™t wait for more!
โ€“ Amanda K.
My 6 year old son recently did a series of zoom classes with Nicole. Nicole is professional, enthusiastic, patient and experienced. She was able to meet my child where he was on an individual level, and challenge him where he needed to be challenged. She thoughtfully took into account his interests to make the classes highly engaging. She utilized songs, puppets, games, and so much more. The classes were so fun, and my son (who usually is not excited about zoom classes) was always SO excited to attend. I also really appreciated that Nicole would chat with me before and after the classes to share her professional observations and suggestions, which were really valuable for us to continue working with our son outside of class. I could not recommend Nicole enough! She is truly a fantastic instructor who loves and dedicates herself to her students, and is a gem of a person!
โ€“ Lillian T.
My 3 year old girl loves the class. We were quite new to this country when we first came to the class, but thanks to Nicole's welcoming, encouraging - but not forcing - attitude, my girl's shyness soon melted away.
โ€“ Kumiko K.
My 4 year old son has been attending this class for several months. It is one of the only classes he comes home and talks about! He will share the games he has learned and teach us how to play as well. He is excited each week to attend and LOVES Nicole. I have seen my sons confidence, ability to role play and imagination sore since starting the Thursday class. I look forward to continuing as long as he can. Thank you Nicole for providing a safe, nurturing environment for our son to grow!
โ€“ Michelle S.
Nicole's adult improv class is a great way to loosen up and get out of your head. It is basically a fun live-fire exercise that teaches you how to deal with varied personalities and situations. She is a great teacher and I highly recommend her class.
โ€“ Ron. A
After trying soccer and ballet, we finally found an activity our 3.5 year old daughter really took to. On Tuesday mornings we'd remind her that she had theater class later that afternoon and she'd light up with a smile (instead of thinking up excuses for why she couldn't go!). The credit goes to the class instructor, Nicole, who always greets the kids with a huge and inviting smile and a warm demeanor. She really has a way of breaking kids out of their shells and building their confidence. We signed up for another session next year. Our daughter can't wait!
โ€“ Val E.
I recently took the adult improv class at Brave Bright Theater's Wednesday night workshop. Nicole was a wonderful and patient teacher with each of her students. For someone who has never taken an improv class, Nicole made each of her students feel comfortable and offered valuable advice after each activity. I would highly recommend taking this class if you are looking for a way to get our of your shell and comfort zone in a supportive environment. You can buy a whole class package or just drop in for one session- well worth it and you will leave tired from laughing!!
โ€“ Cynthia L.
First off Nicole is such a breath of fresh air and wonderful with the children. My 4.5 year old daughter absolutely loves the Thursday class at 3:30pm. She talks about it all week and cannot wait for it to start back up again in September. My daughter was always fairly confident however after taking this class her confidence was flourishing even more and she was using her imagination in a lot more ways. I cannot say enough good things about the class and Nicole. So glad we found this gem!!
โ€“ Anna S.
FearlessYes came in to the school I work with and did an amazing professional development class with our teachers; and let me tell you, it was one of the best professional developments I've ever attended! As adults we focus so much on molding a creating successful children that will be our future leaders, but we sometimes forget that we can use some practice too. Nicole does such an amazing job working with children and has such a extensive theater background that it just made sense to have her come in and give our Step By Step staff a workshop on how theater and improv can create strong educators. Nicole created fun and interactive activities that got our staff on their feet, smiling, talking, and laughing. While they were having fun, Nicole always brought it back to our educational setting and how these activities can not only be shared with our little steppers, but also how doing activities such as these, with co-workers, can build communication skills, teamwork, and even forge stronger bonds amongst each other; all important when creating a strong educational setting for students to be nurtured and grow developmentally and emotionally. These skills are all ones that we will take into our Step By Step classrooms and use frequently on a daily basis when interacting with others. This FearlessYes workshop was so informational and educational, but also a fun way to achieve some professional development! Thank you Nicole, and FearlessYes, for making Step By Step stronger educators and we can't wait for the next time you join us to enhance our skills further!!
โ€“ Rebecca D.


Virtual Theater Classes

Private Classes


Classes tailored to your child

  • 30 minute session



Starting at $10 per person

  • 30 minute Session



Great for your business, school faculty, or a party, etc.

  • Up to 2 hours

In Person Classes


Improv classes for adults and theater classes for children of all ages, starting at age 3. Price based off location. E-mail us to see if an in person class is right for you.

  • Up to 2 hours for adults and 1 hour for kids